Yacht Wrapping | Hull and all Exterior Refinishing

windy yacht wrapping

It is possible to transform the appearance of your boat within a few days, in or out of the water, giving it a new look that will last from six to eight years!

The cost savings speak volumes, the bigger the vessel the greater the saving and usually works out at a third of the price of paint. The larger the surface to be covered, the greater the potential savings over conventional methods. Vinyl films come in a vast array of colours and finishes.

Working with the worlds best vinyl suppliers, the advanced technology in the vinyl will protect the hull and superstructure from all the elements. It is exceptionally hard-wearing, durable and will not fade or go cloudy like paint or gel-coat, in some cases, vinyl outperforms paint finishes in terms of UV degradation.

motor yacht wrapping

Why Wrap my Yacht or Boat?

Quick design and makeover
Wrapping the hull of a yacht can be achieved in the fraction of the time needed to prepare a boat for paint, to refinish the hull in tradtional ways. Paint is out, vinyl is the new fast, quality way to refinish your yacht.

Attractive appearance
New fantastic colours are being released constantly. See our colour cards below. Also films with special effects (e.g., carbon, pearl, brushed metal, matt...) achieve visual effects that painting cannot achieve.

Saving money
The price of wrapping is significantly lower than the price of painting and indirect savings are made resulting from minimum time spent out of the water.

Adding value to your vessel
Wrapping increases the value of your vessel and makes it much more saleable if you are selling it.

Besides the aesthetic effects, the vinyl protects against UV rays and all weather conditions. It won't bloom or go cloudy like gel-coat.

A Summary of Yacht Wrapping
  • Much less expensive than paint
  • High quality consistent finish product.
  • Creative freedom due to its reversible nature
  • Greatly decreased downtime out of the water
  • Unlimited customisation options
  • Easy to maintain - No polishing
  • Hides all scratches, fading, cracking and discolouration
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Increases resale potential

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